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Car Loans and Auto Financing for New and Used Vehicles in Indianapolis

Butler Hyundai Inc Makes Auto Loans and Leases Simple for Indianapolis Area Drivers

If there's one thing that brings a smile to our faces here at Butler Hyundai Inc it's helping one of our customers find their way into the perfect new or pre-owned Hyundai model. Not only do we offer an awesome selection of high-quality new and used vehicles, but we also make it easy to finance your way behind the wheel.

Auto Loans vs Hyundai Leases in the Indianapolis Area

Most of our customers here at Butler Hyundai Inc get themselves into the front seat of a great new Hyundai car, crossover, or SUV through one of two ways: an auto loan, or a Hyundai lease. Neither is inherently better than the other, they're just different! Only you can know which one works best for you, but here are some of the key differences, so you can make your most informed decision: 

Purchasing with an Auto Loan VS Hyundai Leasing
Because you're purchasing outright, rather than paying for the cost of depreciation (as with a lease), the monthly payments tend to be a little higher for an auto loan, but the difference is, you'll own your vehicle outright, which isn't the case with a leased vehicle. Payments With a Hyundai lease, it's not uncommon for your monthly payments to be relatively low when compared with an auto loan. The reason for this is, you're only paying for the cost of depreciation, not the overall purchase-price of the vehicle; while your monthly payments will likely be lower, the difference is, you don't own your vehicle outright.

Purchasing a vehicle with a loan is pretty straightforward. When you purchase with a loan, there aren't really any restrictions on what you can do with the vehicle, how long you can keep it, or anything else that might be curtailed by the terms of a lease. There is no "end of the contract" when you buy with an auto loan, and because you won't be returning the vehicle like you would a leased vehicle, it's yours to do with as you please. This allows you to make customizations, wrack up the mileage, and drive it for as long and as far as you'd like; you also have the power to sell your vehicle when you purchase-none of these are options with a lease. Terms & Conditions A lease is an agreement between you and the dealership, so when you sign a lease contract, you'll determine define how long the car will stay in your posession and how many miles you're allotted to drive. At the end of your lease, you can end up paying a fee when you return the vehicle if you've gone over the agreed-upon amount of miles. Of course, for those who tend not to drive too often, you can actually sometimes save a little money on your lease by opting for a low-mileage lease! Speak to someone from our finance department about it!

When you purchase with an auto loan, you don't ever have to bring the car back if you don't want, but many drivers from Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Nobelsville, and Westfield choose to keep coming back to us for regular service and maintenance! Otherwise, it's yours forever, or until you decide to sell it or pass it on. Do I Bring the Car Back? When you lease, the answer to that question is Yes!. At the end of your contract, you'll return the vehicle to the dealership, at which time you can choose to move onto a newer, fresher new Hyundai model! For those Indianapolis area drivers looking to upgrade their daily driver every couple of years, leasing provides the perfect solution!

After checking out the comparison above, you should have a better idea of which auto financing solution will work best for you, but if you've got any lingering questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here at Butler Hyundai Inc. You're welcome to give us a ring at (866) 553-1353 or simply come on into our showroom, easily found on 4200 E 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN. You've already found that perfect new Hyundai-now it's time to find the perfect financing solution to match it!


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